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SENG’s webinars (SENGinars) provide convenient access to many of the top experts in the gifted field discussing issues related to the social and emotional needs of the gifted. The 90-minute webinars are designed expressly for parents, educators and mental health professionals who work with gifted children. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of each live webinar.

NOTE: If you register and are unable to attend the live event, you will receive a link to the recording and slides approximately one week after the live event date.  You can also take advantage of these excellent resources by ordering any of our past webinars through the SENG Store. Only people who register for a live event will receive access to the slides as a separate pdf file.

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2014 Adult Series of SENGinars
This new series of webinars will focus on topics specific to Adult Giftedness.

2014 Diversity Series of SENGinars
This series of webinars focuses on a wide range of diversity-related issues and their impact on the emotional and social development of the gifted.

Continuing Education SENGinars
SENG offers a series of continuing education credit webinars for mental health professionals.


September 23, 2014
The Anxious Family: What to Do When Everyone Frets
Presenter: Joanna Haase, Ph.D., MFT
Using examples of common “anxious families,” attendees will learn how anxiety is expressed in family relationships and learn strategies for changing the anxiety dynamic in their home. More…

October 7, 2014
Human 2.0: Asperger’s is Awesome
Presenter: Frank Gaskill, Ph.D.
This presentation offers a different perspective on Asperger’s and the spectrum. A fun and informative understanding of how to identify and serve these awesome kids who will grow up to create all of the fun things we use every day. More…

October 16, 2014
CE Course: Assessment From the Perspective of a Clinical and School Psychologist
Presenters: Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn, MS, SSP, and Stephen H. Chou, PsyD
The assessment of gifted/talented youth historically has been a highly controversial topic in our society. Although federal legislation provides states with guidance regarding the assessment of children with suspected disabilities, the latter does not hold true for potentially gifted/talented. More…

November 6, 2014
Building Resilience in Gifted Children: Fostering a Sense of Autonomy and Confidence
Presenter: Shayna Whitehouse, Ph.D.
This presentation will focus on the definition of resilience and methods parents and educators can use to support the development of this construct within our gifted students. More…

December 11, 2014
Gifted 101
Presenter: Carolyn Kottmeyer
Get an overview of giftedness, including characteristics, testing, levels of giftedness, social/emotional topics, twice-exceptional, support structures, and much more. More…




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