Are you passionate about supporting gifted, talented and 2e individuals?

Get involved with SENG and make a difference! Here are just a few ways:

  • MEMBERSHIP: become a SENG member to receive discounts on programs and events;

  • VOLUNTEER: as a registered member you may offer your time and unique skills to SENG;  identify up to three committees to serve on as part of your membership application/renewal OR contact the committee chairperson(s) directly (See Below).

  • Network: Become a State Liaison or assist your state liaison with event coordinations in your state

  • SPEAK: apply to present a topic at a mini-conference, SENGinar, or annual conference;

  • INTERN: get experience by helping with the operations of SENG, a national nonprofit organization; or

  • GIVE: show your love for SENG and make a gift today!

Contact us for more information on getting involved with SENG.


Conference (and SENGinar) Committee:  Dr. Mike Postma

Development Committee: Carrie Pokrefke & Dr. Jeffrey Tsang

Diversity Committee: Dr. Joslyn Johnson & Vanessa Darko

Education Committee (SENG PLACE): Dr. Sylvia Bagley

International Affiliates: Alonzo Kelly & Gayle Brady

Liaisons Committee: Adam Laningham

Professional Advisory Council: Dr. Ed Amend

SMPG Committee: Dr. Lin Lim &. Caroline Lubbe


Specials Projects

Special Projects, Gifted Elderly: Evelyn Metcalf

Special Projects, Gifted Young Adults: Trent Cash


Editorial & Research Committee

Association Editor/Chair: Dr. Kristina Henry Collins

Editorial Co-Chair & Senior Associate Editor, SENGvine & SENG Library: Mark Hess

Research Co-Chair: Dr. Karen Arnstein

SENG eJournal/Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Tracy Cross

Senior Association Editor, Service Publications: Dr. Mike Postma