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Young Adult Program

For gifted young adults ages 16-25 years

Led by Trent Cash and Jennifer Cammel

Schedule of Activities​​

(subject to change)

Thursday, July 18


7-9 PM     Gifted Young Adult Symposium


​On Thursday night, the Young Adult Program will kick off with the Young Adult Symposium, a relaxed event in which participants will have a chance to get to know each other while discussing issues that affect gifted young adults everywhere.


This time will also be used to decide where the group will visit for the “Houston Adventure” portion of Saturday’s programming.

Friday, July 19


Noon    Gifted Young Adult Lunch Discussion Group

 (Young Adults Only)

Saturday, July 20

8:30-10 AM     Self-Advocacy Workshop


Saturday’s full day of programming will kick off with a Self-Advocacy workshop hosted by Deb Douglas. In this workshop, the young adults will be given the opportunity to tackle big questions such as:

  • What does giftedness look like in high school, college, and the workplace?

  • What challenges are commonly faced by gifted young adults?

  • Why do gifted young adults receive less support than gifted children, and how do we fix this?

  • How can gifted young adults advocate for themselves at school, work, and in daily life?​

10 AM-3:30 PM     Houston Adventure


Based on the decision made by the group at Thursday’s Symposium, Jenn and Trent will lead a downtown adventure into the city of Houston. During this time, the young adults will visit one of Houston’s many attractions, such as the Houston Zoo, the Houston Museum of Natural History, or the Houston Art Museum.

Please note: attendees are responsible for the cost of admission, lunch and shared transportation.


3:45-5 PM     Choose Your Own Breakout Session


After returning from their downtown adventure, the young adults will be invited to participate in one of 5 breakout sessions, each led by an expert in the field of giftedness. The following topics will be discussed (subject to change):

  1. Gifted & Dating

  2. Gifted and Graduated: Now what?

  3. Gifted in the Workplace

  4. Gifted and Lonely: Finding Like-Minded Peers

  5. Executive Functioning and the Gifted Young Adult: It still matters!


5-6:30 PM     Dinner Break

The young adults are encouraged to have a meal together, but they are welcome to break into smaller groups or join their families for dinner.


Please note: Attendees are responsible for the cost of dinner.

6:30-9:30 PM     Game Night

The young adults will be invited to hang out with their new friends and enjoy some friendly competition at Game Night! This will include video games, board games (trivia, anyone?) and Jeopardy!

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