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Youth Advocacy Day

For gifted youth ages 11-16 years

Led by Deb Douglas of GT Carpe Diem

Gifted students should have at least 3 essential understandings:


  1. Gifted students vary in their talents and interests.

  2. Gifted students need educational opportunities that match their unique needs.

  3. Gifted students can and should play a major role in designing their own paths through the educational system and beyond.

In order to ensure gifted youth are playing active roles in their own healthy social and emotional development, Deb Douglas will impart these understandings with a day of fun, immersive group activities. Students will be introduced to the ideas and understandings they need to self-advocate.


Youth Advocacy Day will connect students with like-ability peers and supportive adults. Together, students will study the theories and definitions of intelligence and then use these concepts to analyze their own strengths. They will learn about their rights and responsibilities, coping strategies, and a variety of educational options that match their profiles, as well as tools and procedures for developing skills in self-advocating.

The day runs 9-3 PM and a pizza lunch will be provided (notwithstanding food allergies, for which we can make arrangements). Youth Advocacy Day is limited to 50 students, so hurry and grab a spot for your child now!

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