100 Words of Wisdom: Rose Blackett

By Rose Blackett.

Giftedness is quirky; she wears her unique feather cloak with abandon. She cares little for how others judge her as she dances her own sequence through a colourful life. Giftedness has learned to accept her intensity but often still feels vulnerable. When she enters a room, others notice her peculiar movements; she cannot be the chameleon and just blend. She is close friends with Talent and Ability, although they sometimes find her too sensitive. She uses humour with skill and although popular, wonders if the impostor she hides beneath her unusual exterior will one day be revealed to the world …


Rose Blackett is the president of the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children (NZAGC). She is an Educational Psychologist based in Masterton, New Zealand and is a current director on the SENG Board. Rose and her husband are kept grounded by parenting two gifted children.

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