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No one likes wax on their wood floor, but also no one can’t escape that accident. The good news is, after knowing these 3 methods, I’m sure you can fix that situation without breaking a sweat. By the way, in case you want to read everything you need to know about wax on wood floors, from how to treat them to how to prevent them, then you should follow this link:

The first method: Scrapping

Scrapping is the easiest and quickest way to get wax off wood floors. This method doesn’t require a lot of preparation, just find a scraping tool that won’t damage the floor surface then you’re good to go. It could be an old credit card or a butter knife. Anything that is not sharp and thin enough is perfect for the job.

When you use this method, make sure the wax is hardened so you can easily pop it out after lifting the edges. You can use your hand to peel the wax off when it is pretty loose from the floor. Breaking the wax into small pieces for easier removal is also a good idea, just make sure you don’t use too much force that creates ugly marks on the wood floor surface afterward.

The second method: Solvents

Using solvents is how to get wax off wood floor more gently. The key factor of this method is choosing the right solvent, or else you can easily damage the floor with chemicals. Mineral spirit is a common choice in this situation. Lacquer thinners or acetone can also remove wax on wood floors but they are dangerous for your floor so it’s a no here. Another thing you can choose is commercial wax removers, just make sure you study the label to choose the suitable one for your floor types.

When you have the solvent in your hands, spray it on the wax and let it work the magic. Use a cloth to wipe along the grain of your wood floor, and pay special attention to the cracks and gaps because wax can get inside those places more.

The third method: Heat

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You can use both hot and cold heat to treat wax on wood floors. With the hot method, use a hair dryer to melt down the wax until it turns liquid and wipe off with a clean cloth. Continue the cycle til you remove all the residue.

For the cold method, use an ice cube, an ice pack, or even a frozen veggies pack, whatever you can find in your fridge to apply to the wax to harden it. Make sure the wax turns solid before using the scrapping method to pick it up.

Tips on how to prevent wax on wood floors

  • Use candles in containers

  • Use drip protections

  • Don’t blow the candle too hard

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