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I have a passion for family therapy with an

option for in-home family therapy for busy families. I specialize in working with gifted children and their amazing parents. I support parents to learn and implement positive parenting strategies, build on understanding the "why" behind challenging behavior, and in so doing, build and strengthen trust and compassion.

My work revolves around attachment-based parenting skills where I teach "Time-Ins" as a way to stay connected through hard times, as well as a collaborative and proactive problem-solving approach, which is very effective with bright children. I help children learn to take ownership of their problems by inviting them to be part of the solution, often targeting executive functioning skills of organization and prioritization.

In my work with parents, I help them change their parenting lens to see that their children are not giving them a hard time, they are having a hard time. Through this new lens, parents see that kids do well if they can. And they can, through my intensive, in-home, family therapy sessions.

I am now offering secure online therapy for parents of gifted children as well. As a parent of three gifted and talented daughters who are now all young adults, I know that parents need so much support to navigate the turbulent and powerful waters of giftedness.

You can learn more at:

(626) 755-4059

S. Abigail McCarrel, LCSW, DCSW

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