SENG provides a list of mental health providers with experience working with gifted, talented, and/or twice-exceptional individuals.


Inclusion on this list should not be seen as an endorsement or suggestion by SENG. Mental health providers who do not align with the mission and values of SENG will be removed at SENG's discretion and without notice.

To be considered for listing in the directory, please collect the following information: 

1. Completed Mental Health Directory Application Form

2. A current copy of your license

3. Evidence of past experience/coursework on working with gifted individuals including: 2e, adults, families, ethnically diverse populations, and testing practices. For those who need to update any of these areas, SENG has Continuing Education courses that can assist. 

Please email all materials to 

If you are interested in being included on our director of mental health providers, please complete this form.