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You can run a parent support group in your local community!

Read about Carol Raymond's experience in becoming a SMPG facilitator in her article, "SMPG: My Gifted Education."

Your community may have a need for a SENG Model Parent Support Group, aimed at helping local parents and caregivers of gifted, talented, and twice-exceptional children learn how to help their children thrive socially and emotionally. Consider becoming a trained SMPG facilitator and starting a group in your area!

Facilitator training includes:

  • Objectives of SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPGs);

  • Characteristics of Parents in SMPGs;

  • The Role of SMPG Facilitators;

  • Group Facilitation Techniques;

  • Content Learning of Session Topic Areas: Characteristics, Motivation, Discipline, Stress Management, Peer Relations, Sibling Rivalry, and Tradition Breaking;

  • Practice of Facilitation Techniques;

  • Potential Problems and Solutions in SMPGs;

  • How to Organize a local SMPG;

  • A one-year SENG membership* ($99 value);

  • Access to the password protected Facilitator area; and

  • A copy of A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children.

* Note: SMPG Facilitators are required to maintain their annual SENG membership to ensure their status as a SENG licensed SMPG Facilitator. In addition, those interested in SMPG training should first review the core competencies. 


** Don't see any trainings that fit your schedule? Join the SMPG Facilitator Training Waitlist to be notified when new virtual trainings are announced!

SMPG Trainings
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