You can run a parent support group in your local community!

Read about Carol Raymond's experience in becoming a SMPG facilitator in her article, "SMPG: My Gifted Education."

Your community may have a need for a SENG Model Parent Support Group, aimed at helping local parents and caregivers of gifted, talented, and twice-exceptional children learn how to help their children thrive socially and emotionally. Consider becoming a trained SMPG facilitator and starting a group in your area!

Facilitator training includes:

  • Objectives of SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPGs);

  • Characteristics of Parents in SMPGs;

  • The Role of SMPG Facilitators;

  • Group Facilitation Techniques;

  • Content Learning of Session Topic Areas: Characteristics, Motivation, Discipline, Stress Management, Peer Relations, Sibling Rivalry, and Tradition Breaking;

  • Practice of Facilitation Techniques;

  • Potential Problems and Solutions in SMPGs;

  • How to Organize a local SMPG;

  • A one-year SENG membership* ($99 value);

  • Access to the password protected Facilitator area; and

  • A copy of A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children.

* Note: SMPG Facilitators are required to maintain their annual SENG membership to ensure their status as a SENG licensed SMPG Facilitator. In addition, those interested in SMPG training should first review the core competencies.

SENG Diversity Scholarship Program

SENG’s Diversity Committee is proud to offer and sponsor as part of its SENG Diversity Scholarship Program, funding for select SENG Model Parent Groups (SMPG) facilitator training made available to parents and educators of racially underrepresented groups of students in gifted education and/or a member of an underrepresented group. Underrepresented members, as determined by Office of Civil Rights Data (, currently include Hispanic, Black, American Indian or Alaskan Native (AIAN), and low socio-economic). Non-minority Educators applying for this scholarship should teach at a school or serve a community that has been determined to be majority-underrepresented or a Title 1 school.