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Each year, the James T. Webb Scholarship provides an opportunity for one, identified gifted and talented student, and their legal guardian or parent, to attend SENG's annual conference.

SENG's Youth Forum is an environment in which students ages 11-18 can have fun while learning new skills, exploring new places, and engaging in activities with other gifted youth from across the nation and other countries. Activities are designed to meet their special interests and needs, with an emphasis on social interaction and fun. Parents attend the conference, networking with other parents and GT/2E professionals. The James T. Webb Scholarship provides funding to SENG to cover the registration and some meals to one youth and their chaperone, each year.

Who is eligible?


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an identified, gifted or talented member of an historically underrepresented population;

  • Reside in the local area hosting the SENG annual conference or be able to access conference site independently (no travel or lodging funds are available);

  • Qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program; and

  • Be 11-18 years of age at the time of the conference, typically in late July.

What are the selection criteria?

  • The student meets the aforementioned eligibility criteria;

  • A letter of aptitude/talent verification is submitted by the school or clinician;

  • The student submits a written statement indicating their interest in attending the SENG conference; and

  • The parent or guardian provides proof of their eligibility for the free or reduced lunch program.


What are the additional requirements?

  • Adults and children should be conversant in English to benefit from the conference experience.

  • Attending James T. Webb Scholars will be interviewed by a member of the SENG Diversity Committee within 30 days after the event, so they may share how they benefited from conference participation; and

  • Families agree to SENG’s use of conference photographs for educational/promotional purposes in print or online.

Apply today!

Online application will be available soon.


  • Application must be postmarked or received by May 1st.

  • SENG accepts emailed applications, snail-mailed applications, and applications via the online application form.

  • Awardees will be notified by June 1st.

Email us or call (844) 488-SENG (7364)

The James T. Webb Scholarship is made possible though the generosity of our donors. If SENG has made a difference in your life, please consider making a difference in someone else’s.

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