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Virtual Team Meeting


SENG Community Groups (Formerly SMPGs) are an opportunity for likeminded individuals to connect to talk about the joys and challenges of raising gifted children, teaching gifted, being gifted and more.  

Here are just a few examples of the types of SENG Community Groups that can be offered:

  • SENG Community Group: Parents of Gifted Children  

  • SENG Community Group: Parents of Gifted 2E Children

  • SENG Community Group: Parents of LGBTQIA+ Gifted Children

  • SENG Community Group: Gifted Adults 

  • SENG Community Group: Gifted Adults in the (Country) (Language)

  • SENG Community Group: Educators of Gifted Students

Participants engage in facilitated discussions guided by trained SENG facilitators.  SENG Community groups meet weekly for between six to ten weeks. 

SENG verified community groups are listed below. Any groups not listed on our site are NOT SENG approved.

If there is not a group listed below that works for your schedule, contact a certified facilitator near to ask about a waitlist.

SENG is committed to embracing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging of all persons in our gifted community. We seek to ensure that our SENG community groups embraces all our background cultures and perspectives. 

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