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SENG Community Groups (formerly SMPG) are in-person or virtual groups for gifted individuals, parents of gifted and twice-exceptional children, or professionals in gifted education. Groups are designed specifically to address some of the unique issues, needs, and challenges faced by diverse gifted communities across the globe. Meetings are run by at least two trained facilitators who will guide you in safe and confidential conversations. Download our Shifting to SENG Community Groups Info Sheet.


Typically 6-10 weeks (meeting once a week for 1.5 hours)


In-person or online. See the groups listed below to find a time and place that works for your needs.


All verified SENG Community groups are listed on the SENG website. Any groups not listed on our site have not been approved by SENG.


Fees vary based on the region, length, and format of the group. 


Group facilitators choose from a variety of SENG-approved, curated resources (books, articles, podcasts, and videos) to best meet the needs of local communities serving gifted and 2e children. You will be asked to check these out in advance of each weekly meeting. Many resources are available at no cost, but some groups may require the purchase of a SENG-approved book.


Our facilitators are trained to facilitate using our specific group format, and they are required to participate in a continued recertification process. Please note that SENG Community Group facilitators are not mental-health practitioners. Rather, they offer facilitation of peer-support groups among parents and caregivers. 


At the last session, you will be asked to complete a feedback form on your experience in the group. This information will be shared with SENG in order to improve our offerings and make any needed updates to our formatting.


​How to become a certified SENG Community Group Facilitator

Requirements to train to become a Facilitator are as follows:  


Maintain an active SENG membership

Previous participation in at least one SENG Community Group (formerly SMPG)
(see our online offerings above if you are looking for a group to join)

Participate in 2-year recertification training, either in-person or online



How long will my facilitator training last? Your status as a facilitator will last for two years starting from the year you were originally certified. At that time, you will be asked to participate in a recertification process. Anyone trained prior to 2021 is now due for recertification. (Please see training dates below.) We look forward to reconnecting! 


Can I recertify before my two years are done? Yes! You can recertify at any time. Your two years will start from the new date of certification. 


When will recertification be offered? We will always offer recertification for free for individuals attending in-person at our annual conference. In addition, we will have online recertification opportunities throughout the year. 


What if my membership has lapsed? Please renew your membership here


What if I want to run a group but have not participated in a group yet? You can check for a local group to join, or join one of the online groups listed on our site. 


What is the cost of training? Please see the specifics listed under the training opportunity you wish to join. 

Who should I contact with questions about SENG Community Group facilitator status? Write to

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