100 Words of Wisdom

By Kari DeMarco

“He’s underperforming.”

“Not listening.”

“He has potential; just needs to try.”

I’ve heard it all. Taken it with humility. My son has dealt with it and survived the disdain.

We knew he was gifted, knew he had ADHD. But many teachers can’t reconcile the two. Finally, IQ testing showed he scores in the 99th percentile for the verbal domain, and the 20th percentile for working memory and processing speed. He has ADHD that even maxed out medication can’t erase.

He’s twice exceptional. That’s why he looks smart, yet appears to be spacing out.

He is. Deal with it. He has to.

Kari DeMarco has taught for 22 years at all ages and ability levels, but her passion is

gifted education. She is the president of WAETAG, coordinator for Wenatchee School

District’s K-12 gifted programs, and enjoys offering professional development and

consultation in her “free time.”  She is a foster parent and mother of three children.

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