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100 Words of Wisdom

By Arlene DeVries

“What I learned from parents of gifted: Love these students for who they are, not what they do. Have realistic expectations. Expect progress not perfection. Give them freedom within limits. Allow them to fail. Put them in places where they can meet others like them. Respect their time alone. Create an atmosphere that promotes communication. Catch them doing something right. Encourage sibling synergy rather than rivalry. Choose your battles. Be consistent with your discipline. Work cooperatively with the schools. Keep your sense of humor. Be role models in

the way you meet your own intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional needs.”


* * * * * *


Arlene DeVries is a Board Member Emeritus of SENG and a SENG model parent group

facilitator and trainer. She is co-author of Gifted Parent Groups: the SENG Model and A

Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children.

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