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100 Words of Wisdom: Amy Harrington (2014)

By Amy Harrington.

Parenting gifted children is a unique challenge, which I zealously embrace. We are the noticeably eccentric family wherever we go, and our strong personalities have been known to make people’s head spin. We don’t really go with the flow and my children don’t blend in. Their personalities are overt and they exude their brilliance the way most people breathe. I have one child who lives in his head and one who is guided by his heart. They are both wholly original and dexterously challenge all societal expectations. Complex children are rarely easy to parent; however, they sure make life more interesting.


Amy Harrington, Esq. is a SENG Model Parent Group facilitator, homeschooling advocate and an eclectic unschooler of two profoundly gifted children. She is an attorney, writer and blogger (Gifted Unschooling Blogspot) who is passionate about the future of self-directed education. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Atypical Minds which provides coaching and guidance to gifted families in their quest for alternative education and school accommodations.

Amy has helped families with gifted and twice-exceptional children from all over the world transition to home education and has guided them to seek appropriate assessment, treatment, counseling, and school accommodations. She is a multilingual transactional attorney and a former internet entrepreneur, interested in educating teachers, school counselors, and parents about the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children.

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