100 Words of Wisdom: Jane Hesslein

By Jane Hesslein.

One of the things I enjoy most about teaching gifted 10-year-olds is the knowledge that they are going to challenge me. I know it’s coming; I just never know what direction it will come from. Each class finds something new in a book I’ve been teaching for years, and we head off together in a new direction. I love sharing that joy of discovery with them. Seeing the world through their eyes is a gift, and we adults should take advantage of it as often as possible. It’s the intellectual equivalent of the fountain of youth. ________________________________________________________

Jane Hesslein, MA, is a fifth-grade teacher at Seattle Country Day School. She is a member of SENG’s Board of Directors and a SENG model parent group facilitator. She has learned the importance of communication between children and adults and promotes these opportunities for families. A student once called her a “double agent,” a label she now embraces.

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