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100 Words of Wisdom: Jean B. Goerss

By Jean B. Goerss, MD, MPH.

I support SENG because it addresses the most significant obstacle to success of happiness for gifted children social and emotional issues that come with giftedness significant distress and loss of productivity. Childhood is the incubator that either feeds for suffocates the potential in a gifted person. It is very hard to recover from the trauma of being a child, gifted, and misunderstood. Each of the characteristics of giftedness can promote a feeling of alienation that interferes with good mental health. Seng promotes awareness of these issues and disseminates Strategies to help children and their parents negotiate childhood well.


Jean Goerss, MD, MPH, received her bachelor’s degree from University of Portland, her medical degree from Loyola-Stritch School of Medicine, and her MPH in epidemiology (the study of disease in populations) from University of Minnesota. She completed pediatric training and a genetics fellowship at Mayo Clinic. She has two gifted sons, and she has been studying giftedness for more than 13 years.

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