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100 Words of Wisdom: Judy Galbraith

“If I have any wisdom about giftedness, most of it has come from gifted kids themselves. Their questions, opinions, insights, and challenges have kept me on my toes as an educator, author, and publisher for over 30 years. One of the wisest lessons gifted children have taught me is this: In order to lead happy and meaningful lives, all people – and especially gifted people – must spend at least as much time developing socially and emotionally as a person as they do focusing on their intellects. So often giftedness is equated with the knowledge or artifacts that people produce – be it a theorem or computer design. But what’s equally as important, I believe, is the memory they leave behind of what kind of person they were.”


Judy Galbraith is President and Founder of Free Spirit Publishing. She’s also the author or coauthor of books, most notably The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide and The Gifted Teen Survival Guide. Judy has been surveying gifted children and teens from around the world since 1980.

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