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100 Words of Wisdom: Linda Neumann

By Linda Neumann.

A message to parents of twice-exceptional children: It’s OK to be out of step. Your kids already are. Their amazing strengths and great challenges put them on a different path from most friends and classmates. That means you as parents must find your own direction as well. Be willing to throw out timelines and measurements of success that mark the progress of other bright kids. Accept that yours will be on their own schedule and have struggles and needs that others won’t have. Be open to finding unique, creative ways to meet those needs.

Support, encourage, strive to understand who they are and what they need. Let them know you’re their biggest fans.


Past SENG Director Linda C. Neumann is the editor of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, a bi-monthly print and electronic publication that focuses on twice-exceptional children – those who have high abilities and LDs, either learning differences or learning disabilities. Written for parents, educators, mental health professionals, and others who work with these children, issues feature articles by experts in the field plus reviews of books, websites, and other resources.

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