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100 Words of Wisdom: Paula Prober

By Paula Prober.

What if people are like ecosystems. Some are like meadows, some like deserts, and some like oceans. All are beautiful, valuable and necessary. Gifted folks are like the rainforest: extremely complex, highly sensitive, intense, colorful, and creative. And, like the rainforest, gifted individuals are capable of making important contributions to society and the planet. But to do that we need to allow them to be themselves. We need to put the chainsaws down and encourage their curiosity, idealism, sensitivity, and insight. Appreciate their lush and lively rainforest minds.


Paula Prober, M.S., M.Ed. is a licensed counselor in private practice in Eugene, Oregon. Over the 30 years she has worked with the gifted, Prober has been a teacher, consultant, adjunct instructor with the University of Oregon, and a guest presenter at Pacific University and Oregon State University. Presently, she is counseling gifted adults and youth and consulting with parents of gifted children. Her blog (Your Rainforest Mind) is about gifted adults. Her book, Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth will be released by GHF Press in the Spring of 2016.

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