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100 Words of Wisdom: Rosina Gallagher

By Rosina Gallagher.

What is success?

Some say it is “will, skill and drill.” Others say it is “a continuous journey.”

Yes, I agree. Success is knowing who you are. Discovering your strengths and virtues. Choosing a focus. Setting your goals and steps to achieve them. Working hard. Sharing with others. Learning to listen, observe, inquire, communicate. Embracing fresh ideas, blazing new trails. It is understanding and managing emotions. Overcoming criticism, rejection, at times ridicule, self-doubt, complacency. It is forging ahead and always improving. Giving back something of value. Persevering with laughter and joy. And starting all over again.

¿Qué significa tener éxito?

Unos dicen es tener voluntad, destrezas, determinación. Otros dicen es “una jornada contínua.” Sí, estoy de acuerdo. Tener éxito es conocerse a si mismo.

Es descubrir sus habilidades y virtudes. Enfocarse. Definir sus metas y los medios para alcanzarlas. Es poner mucho empeño. Compartir con otros. Aprender a escuchar, observar, cuestionar, comunicar. Es acoger nuevas ideas, iluminar nuevos senderos. Es apreciar y guiar nuestras emociones. Es superar críticas, rechazos, a veces el ridículo, o dudar de si mismo, habituarse. Es seguir adelante, siempre mejorando. Es realizar algo de valor por otros. Perseverar sonrientes y alegres. Y empezar de nuevo. ________________________________________________________

Former SENG President Rosina Gallagher, Ph.D., was born and raised in Mexico through early adolescence. Her 30-year career includes being a psychologist and administrator in the Chicago Public Schools, and she is currently president of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children. Dr. Gallagher is the co-author of Educando Hijos Exitosos (with James T. Webb, Great Potential Press) and numerous articles.

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