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Blog Review 2014 Wrap-Up

By Carolyn Kottmeyer and Amy Harrington.

Take some time during this holiday season to look back over the list of blogs weve reviewed so far in 2014. Then take some time to suggest other blogs for us to look at!

“Paula’s posts are short and sweet, and full of valuable insight for “rainforest mind” adults. Recent topics include empathy, multi-potentiality, and your What-If brain.” Your Rainforest Mind: Guidance for the Excessively Curious, Creative, Smart & Sensitive by Paula Prober.

“Discovering Your Awesome shares simple and not-so-simple ways to find those you will enjoy spending time with, as well as those who will support you when you’re down, and kick you in the butt when you need it.” Discovering Your Awesome: Breaking through the walls of isolation one connection at a time by Jayde Piltser, Andy Cowan, Ray Lardie and guest bloggers.

“He talks to his readers through his own personal experiences and taps into the root of emotional issues and how to approach children through a connected, peaceful way.” Consulting & Coaching for Effective Communication by Bob Yamitch.

“They are eclectic homeschoolers, and she writes about raising a profoundly gifted boy who struggles with social anxiety, and who, like many profoundly gifted children, finds it difficult to find age peers who enjoy discussing calculus theorems.” Life with Intensity by Eby Chicks.

“She discusses all matters related to giftedness and twice-exceptional children including meltdowns, naysayers, imposter syndrome and even does some educational product reviews.” Watch out for Gifted People by Sarah J. Wilson.

Would you like to share a blog about giftedness? Send your submissions to!


Carolyn Kottmeyer is the founder and director of Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page and Hoagies’ Kids and Teens Page. She is a software engineer by training and trade, with degrees in software engineering. She developed an interest in gifted education a few years after the birth of her first child, when she noticed how different her daughter was and how the “normal” path through education didn’t seem to work for her. Since 1998, she has written for gifted newsletters and journals around the world, including Our Gifted Children, Gifted Education Communicator, The SENGVine, and a variety of state and local gifted newsletters. Carolyn frequently speaks at conferences including World Gifted Council, National Association of Gifted Children, Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, New Jersey Association of Gifted Children and many other state and local gifted associations, National Association of Gifted Children in Malaysia, and others.

Amy Harrington, Esq. is a SENG Model Parent Group facilitator, homeschooling advocate and an eclectic unschooler of two profoundly gifted children. She is an attorney, writer and blogger (Gifted Unschooling Blogspot) who is passionate about the future of self-directed education. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Atypical Minds which provides coaching and guidance to gifted families in their quest for alternative education and school accommodations. Amy has helped families with gifted and twice-exceptional children from all over the world transition to home education and has guided them to seek appropriate assessment, treatment, counseling, and school accommodations. She is a multilingual transactional attorney and a former internet entrepreneur, interested in educating teachers, school counselors, and parents about the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted and twice-exceptional children.

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