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Director's Corner: Gifted Blogs for Gifted Adults

By Carolyn Kottmeyer.

I’m asked where I live and jokingly I reply, “in cyberspace.” Sounds crazy, but it’s more true than not. I receive e-mails asking me, “Since you are local to us, please come speak to our group.” And those same people are shocked to learn that it’s a five-hour flight to visit them. People from all over the world find me on my website, or on the SENG website, and think of me as a local friend, sharing and supporting them with gifted issues. It’s not just me.

These days, no matter how unique we think our situation is, we have access to a support network of others just like us. Whether you are a gifted young adult or a gifted senior citizen, whether you are a homeschooler or a traditional school parent, whether your issues are those of profound giftedness or dual exceptionality… there are supports for you. The internet offers various forms of communication: from websites to mailing lists, from Facebook groups to Google chats, from boards to blogs. And no matter what kind of support you’re looking for, there are others out there, others like you, using the communications methods that suit you best. That’s the best thing about this new era of electronic connectivity: no one needs to feel alone!

Beginning with this month’s SENGVine, you’ll find reviews of some of the wide variety of blogs supporting gifted individuals. This month, we’ll focus on a less supported but just as important group… those gifted adults not currently parenting gifted children. Whether you’re a young adult, or your parenting years are behind you, there are many issues facing you as a gifted adult and you could benefit from some advice and sharing.

For instance: Why do I feel so different from the folks I work with? Why don’t my co-workers and neighbors feel as strongly or care as deeply about world issues as I do? Why do others see career and life decisions as simple black-and-white choices, while I always see so many options?

Here are some wonderful blogs to guide you on your journey as a gifted adult:

Paula Prober is a grade 1-8 teacher turned psychotherapist, who says it best herself: “Because the label “gifted” is often controversial and confusing, I developed the analogy of the rainforest mind. Many very smart folks don’t identify themselves as gifted. If the analogy speaks to you, I hope that my blog posts will help you better understand the complexities of your creative, sensitive, passionate, and smart self. And that my ideas will help you live like the thriving rain forest– in balance, peace, grace and beauty, and in support of all beings on the planet.”

Paula’s posts are short and sweet, and full of valuable insight for “rainforest mind” adults. Recent topics include empathy, multi-potentiality, and “your What-If brain.” What if you don’t read Your Rainforest Mind? Nothing dastardly will happen. But if you do… you might just gain a little insight into yourself, and like what you see!

Discovering Your Awesome: Breaking through the walls of isolation one connection at a time by Jayde Piltser, Andy Cowan, Ray Lardie, and guest bloggers.

Gifted adults will resonate with Discovering Your Awesome’s self-description. “Discovering Your Awesomesupports bright, highly variable non-conformists. Helping you figure out how to build a life with less anxiety and hopelessness, and more intellectual engagement, deep connection, productive energy, financial security, and meaningful goals.” This writing group includes an IT professional, a lawyer, and an anthropologist and linguist, their backgrounds are as wildly varied as you would expect from a group of gifted adults.

Their “Awesome” blog topics include Overexcitabilities, Making Friends, Finding Your Tribe, and more connection-themed topics. Connection is probably the most important thing a gifted adult can find, but it’s often not as easy as walking up to your neighbor or co-worker and saying, “Hi.” Discovering Your Awesome shares simple and not-so-simple ways to find those you will enjoy spending time with, as well as those who will support you when you’re down, and kick you in the butt when you need it. Connections are an important part of our lives!

Check the SENGVine regularly for more reviews of great blogs to read on various topics, including homeschooling, advocacy, parenting and more. Blogs are a great way to start to connect with other gifted folks, so that you can be sure that You Are Not Alone!


Carolyn Kottmeyer, a.k.a. Mrs. Hoagie, is on her second stint as a director for SENG. As founder and director of Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page, she stays busy speaking on gifted topics for large and small groups around the U.S. and the world. The parent of two young women, Carolyn is fascinated with the next steps of gifted parenting: college, graduate school, significant others, and becoming a grandparent… to two kittens. What’s next?

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