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Directors' Corner: January 2024

By Adam Laningham.

As we welcome the start of another year, I am filled with immense gratitude as I reflect on the milestones and strides that we, as a community, have achieved together at SENG over the past year. Each step forward stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and support of our volunteers, donors, and advocates.

The year 2023 was a year of resilience and adaptation. Despite facing various challenges, our collective resolve remained unwavering. We navigated uncharted waters while also focusing on adapting our programs to meet the evolving needs of those we serve.

I am exceptionally proud of the hard work and dedication exhibited by all our board members and volunteers. At this moment, I want to give special recognition to both Lin Lim and Sylvia Bagley for their leadership in revamping our cherished SENG Model Parent Groups into the new SENG Community Groups. Their leadership and dedicated support have transformed this program into one that is more flexible and relevant to the diverse stakeholders within our community. For the first time in SENG's history, this program extends its support to communities of color, the twice-exceptional community, gifted adults, LGBTQIA individuals, and other unique populations. Our facilitators will receive training to effectively run groups in their communities tailored to the specific needs of their community. They will have the option to choose from a variety of SENG approved resources to best address those needs. I eagerly anticipate seeing more children and adults benefit from this beloved and invaluable program.

As SENG President, my goal is to ensure that SENG remains relevant and stable, while also being agile, responsive, and innovative in meeting the needs of the gifted community. Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate new opportunities and fresh endeavors. As the world continues to change, so do the needs of the communities we serve. This year, we are committed to amplifying our impact, forging deeper connections, and innovating our approaches to make an even greater difference. The next program we are focusing on updating is our liaison program. I look forward to collaborating with our new board as we enhance this program to better serve our stakeholders. Be on the lookout for upcoming news throughout the year as this program evolves to better meet all of our needs.

In 2024, I am excited to collaborate with our outstanding board members. We have a wonderful and diverse group representing all facets of our gifted community. Our board members in 2024 not only represent our stakeholder groups, but they also bring a wealth of backgrounds and expertise from across the United States and Europe. I look forward to working with them, learning from them, and expanding our support for the global gifted community. 

Looking ahead to 2024, I cannot fail to mention the upcoming Annual SENG Community Conference in Berkeley, CA this July. SENG Conferences hold a special place in my heart, and as Conference Chair, I am already enthusiastic about our plans. Our team, including our amazing Executive Director, Heather Pace, is well into the planning process, and I am excited to build on what we accomplished last year in Villanova and previous years. Please stay tuned for updates. We already have the outstanding Paula Prober and Dr. Frank Worrell as our keynote presenters, and we are working on an APA pre-conference program, multiple panel discussions, and a fantastic children's program to ensure that our main event of the year continues to meet the needs of our entire community. We are currently seeking breakout proposals and vendors to share their knowledge and expertise.

As we enter 2024, I invite each one of you to join us on this journey. Whether through volunteering your time, championing our cause, or contributing in your own unique way, your involvement is integral to our success. In the spirit of the New Year, let us embrace change, inspire hope, and foster a community where compassion and generosity thrive. Together, we have the power to affect meaningful change and create a brighter tomorrow.

Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our mission. Here’s to a year filled with purpose, growth, and positive impact.

Warm regards,

Adam C Laningham

President, SENG


Adam Laningham is the author of several books, including Gifted Children & How Trauma Impacts Them, and has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. Adam was recognized as the Arizona Gifted Teacher of the Year, he has taught at several schools in multiple grade levels, created and facilitated numerous gifted programs, and served as a district manager coordinating programs for over 6000 gifted students. Adam is the founder and owner of Bright Child Books and The Gifted Collective. He is currently an international speaker, consultant, and gifted advocate, as well as the President of SENG - Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted, a founding member of Callisto (supporting gifted foster youth), an advisor for CogAT Riverside Insights, and serves on the Leadership Council for Arizona Association for Gifted & Talented.

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