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Homeschool Blog Review

By Amy Golden Harrington.

Some of the bloggers whom I both follow and know personally all focus on different aspects of life as a gifted or twice-exceptional person. One of my favorites is a twice-exceptional adult, Bob Yamtich, who discusses his own strengths and challenges in his blog as well as provides guidance to families with an emphasis on non-violent communication. He talks to his readers through his own personal experiences and taps into the root of emotional issues and how to approach children through a connected, peaceful way. He focuses on transforming challenging relationships with empathic communication and helps to deepen one’s understanding of themselves and others. I met him at the SENG conference in San Jose in July 2014 and there was an instant connection that has translated into a continual dialogue through multiple social media outlets. If you are seeking out ways to implement non-violent communication tools into your relationships and are parenting or married to a twice-exceptional person then this should prove to be a useful blog to read and follow.

Are you constantly researching about overexcitabilities and asynchronicity? Do your children throw you for a loop with their intensities, which make them too much to handle at times? Mona Eby Chicks is a gifted adult who is strong in all five OEs and she parents a teen son with similar traits. They are eclectic homeschoolers, and she writes about raising a profoundly gifted boy who struggles with social anxiety, and who, like many profoundly gifted children, finds it difficult to find age peers who enjoy discussing calculus theorems.

If you are the parent trying to do it all while homeschooling twice-exceptional boys who engage in sibling rivalry for sport and you enjoy a dose of comedic flair while you read, then check out: Sarah J. Wilson expresses the ups and downs of being a gifted adult raising two intense boys who keep her on her toes. She discusses all matters related to giftedness and twice-exceptional children including meltdowns, naysayers, imposter syndrome and even does some educational product reviews. Her blog posts are relatable and honest with a nice dose of wit and sarcasm to liven up your day.


Amy Golden Harrington is a blogger/writer and radical unschooler who chronicles her journey raising a tech prodigy and an emotionally volatile profoundly gifted child. She is a member of the SENG board and is an advocate for Gifted Unschooling. Her blog is: http://giftedunschooling

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