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Lori’s Top Ten Summer Activities for Gifted Kids

By Lori Comallie-Caplan.

I can’t believe it is only a month before school lets out, and the children are all looking for something to do. Here is my version of David Letterman’s Top Ten. I want to thank the SENG Facebook members for their help in creating this list.

10. Go for self-serve frozen yogurt. (Amanda Arders)

9. Do anything with water.

8. Go on a virtual fieldtrip.

7. Listen to the top ten TED Talks for Kids.

6. Explore Descartes’ Cove. (Bethanne Jones)

5. Enroll in a summer camp. (Find a camp through the American Camp Association.)

4. Explore Club Scientific. (Laura Liebowitz Brownlee)

3. Check out Camp Invention.

2. Try geocaching (Carolyn K)

And the number one summer activity for gifted kids …

1. Attend the annual SENG Conference Children and Teen’s Program. (Jennifer Livernois) ________________________________________________________

SENG Preisdent Lori Comallie-Caplan is currently in private practice specializing in therapy and evaluation of gifted children and adolescents in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Mrs. Comallie-Caplan is a Certified Educational Diagnostician and Certified Frasier Talent Assessment Profile Evaluator. She also is a certified SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) Model Parent Group Facilitator as well as a SENG Model Parent Group Facilitator Trainer. She frequently presents at SENG and NAGC annual conferences

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