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May Mental Health Awareness Month Wrap-Up

By The SENG Team.

Our inaugural 2023 SENG & Partners May Mental Health Month Outreach Events concluded with a total of 18 FREE virtual outreach, resources and in-person events.

Interested in collaborating with SENG on a future joint event? Find out more on our SENG PARTNERSHIP page.

6 Signature SENG & Partner Events included:

A live guided mindfulness work shop with SENG partner - Numinds Enrichment: Breath Necessities: Reducing Stress and Anxiety from the Inside-Out with Science-Tested Breathing Methods with Numinds.

May 25th - SENG & Singapore Global Network Presented an international panel discussion “Nurturing Mental Health: Intersections with Psychology, Education, Technology & Parenting.” This event was also our SENG AAPI heritage month event featuring 4 panelists representing Asian, Asian American and First-generation Asian American & American perspectives.

SENG & Partner Mary Baldwin’s (Program for the Exceptionally Gifted) PEG Program - “Mental Health Support for Radically Accelerated Girls in College.”

SENG & Qualia School for Deeper Learning - Student produced “Safe Communities Lead to Deeper Learning."

SENG & Friends In-person SoCal Meetup hosted by Bridges Education Group.

Missed this event? We have 3 more SENG SoCal Meetups hosted by Bridges Education Group - subscribe to our free newsletter to be notified when RSVP is available.

Want to host a SENG Meetup? Email: with subject line Host SENG Meetup.

(LIVE In-person) 2e-Trauma Momma Productions & The Bentley Center hosted “Momma Trauma Stories” as a SENG fundraiser.

Quark Collaboration Podcast & Blogpost “Turning Fear into Understanding

Blog Post & Resource.

Dabrowski Center Special Mental Health Podcast Episode:

Bridges 2e Media Episode.

MAGE - Video “ Friendship & Gifted Students

GHF Expert Series interview with Jen Merrill

Conversations with CAGT Webinar

Adam Laningham- Gifted & Struggling: Emotional Support for Gifted & 2e Learners

AAGC PD Webinar Series - Strategies to Support Gifted Children and How Trauma Impacts Them - with Adam Laningham

The Testing Psychologist Podcast interview with SENG president-elect Adam Laningham

4 Mental Health related articles published for 2023 May event include: Melinda Stewart: Room for Grief, for Relief, for Misery, for Joy Nicole Tetreault: Compassionate Communication; how do we practice? Katerina Tsomi: Play in the Service of Growth: The Sailboat Metaphor Andrea Finnegan: The Emotional Implications of Gifted & Twice Exceptional Students

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