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National Association for Gifted Children and SENG Enter Partnership

Washington, DC (October 25, 2023) – The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) are excited to announce the signing of a partnership agreement between the two gifted-education-focused organizations.

Over the next five years, NAGC and SENG will work cooperatively to advance the field of gifted education and further support the needs of gifted and talented students. Initiatives in this agreement include presenting at each organization’s annual conference, sharing resources and best practices through a knowledge exchange, and jointly creating webinars, workshops, and other training opportunities for educators and other professionals working with gifted children..

"Partnering with SENG is a tremendous opportunity to unite our shared visions and support the needs of children with advanced abilities," said NAGC Executive Director John Segota. "I look forward to strengthening the relationship between NAGC and SENG so we can expand our efforts to reach as many educators, families, and children as possible," he concluded.

SENG Executive Director Heather Pace stated, “We are thrilled to partner with NAGC to support the emotional needs of gifted children. Gifted children often face unique challenges, and it is important to ensure they and those caring for them have the resources and support they need to thrive. This partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact.”

Elected leaders from both organizations are also enthusiastic about the new agreement. “This is an exciting partnership!” observed NAGC President Shelagh Gallagher. “It's clear to me that many in the field think NAGC is only interested in the academic lives of gifted children, and that's not true. This collaborative effort will help demonstrate that we are interested in the whole child. We will be forming a working group to create a specific set of objectives and activities to consider. I'm looking forward to seeing how we can share our respective resources in ways that benefit everyone as this initiative takes shape.”

SENG President Lin Lim remarked, “Our partnership with NAGC signals our invitation to all gifted organizations to connect and create added value in service of our gifted community. We grow stronger and better when diverse groups collaborate in areas of mutual interests and goals.”

The first activity under their agreement includes a presentation by representatives of SENG at NAGC’s Annual Convention, NAGC23, next month at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The hour-long session, “Building Strong Communities for Gifted and Talented Students: The Importance of Social-Emotional Health,” will explore the importance of social-emotional health for gifted and talented students and how we can build strong communities that support their well-being.

Future activities and collaborations are under development and will be announced at a later date.

About the National Association for Gifted Children

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is the nation’s leading organization focused on the needs of gifted and talented children. Dedicated to uplifting and empowering those who support children with advanced abilities, NAGC provides energizing professional learning, impactful research, and inspiring advocacy to allow its members to work collaboratively so that all children have equitable opportunities and support to develop their gifts and talents.

About Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) is a nonprofit organization that empowers families and communities to guide gifted and talented individuals to reach their goals intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. SENG provides support through a variety of programs, including online and in-person workshops, conferences, and publications, all aimed to be inclusive and accessible.

NAGC Media Contact:

David Cutler

Director of Public Affairs & Strategic Engagement


SENG Media Contact

Heather Pace

Executive Director


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