Parenting a Gifted Child is...

By Jane Hesslein.

Parenting a Gifted Child is...

· exhausting

· exhilarating

· unnerving

· having a front row seat for the greatest entertainment ever (Greatest Show on Earth—yes, a little like the circus)

· working hard to craft a delicate partnership with your children’s teachers, especially if you are one

· wrestling with your own enthusiasm for your child’s passion so she discovers it for herself

· teaching your child to use the library himself instead of surprising him with books you’ve checked out for him

· enough to bring you to tears—of joy, as well as sadness

· intense

· much easier when you find a community of like-minded souls

· a real education, homework included

· not reacting visibly when your 20-month-old swears in public–appropriately

· knowing it is normal for your 3-year-old to yell in a museum, “Oh my gosh, that is the biggest trilobite I’ve ever seen IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!”

· hearing your child’s first cello teacher say after six lessons, “That child was a cellist in a former life.”

· figuring out that every request for extra attention for your child in school should include an offer to help the teacher

· charging the kid a quarter every time he brings up the Batman movie at the table

· hearing your 4-year-old ask why she is crying at the end of ET

· sharing the heartbreak when friendships shift

· crying along with your child when a kid in a masked costume accidentally steps on her cello’s neck and it breaks just before she is to perform

· learning to be a little subversive with the folks in charge at school so they’ll test the kid and “discover” that the “reading problem” you requested testing for is that he’s reading years above grade level