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All proceeds from this book will benefit SENG Programs.


Author: Linda Silverman 


What is giftedness? Is it the potential for success or is it the experience of being an "outsider"? This book addresses the unique psychological needs of gifted children, which are often manifested as "feeling different," and examines special issues such as gifted children with learning disabilities, gender considerations, implications of socio-economic status, and more.


Giftedness 101 dispels common myths about giftedness and challenges the view that eminence is the true signifier of giftedness. It offers specific guidelines to psychologists, parents, and teachers; describes comprehensive assessment of the gifted; provides support for the twice exceptional; and focuses on the complex inner world of the gifted. The book defines giftedness as a psychological reality with powerful ramifications throughout the

lifespan. Giftedness 101 will be a valuable, eye-opening resource for psychologists, educators, and other professionals who work with the gifted, as well as gifted individuals and their families.


Key Features:

• Provides a concise, accessible overview of one of the most important and challenging topics in psychology and education
• Examines the concept of giftedness across the lifespan
• Covers both the intellectual assessment and development of gifted individuals as well as the psychological well-being issues of this population

Giftedness 101

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