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Many bright idealists find themselves disillusioned in today’s world, and they may experience existential depression as they examine their lives and search for meaningfulness. This course will help such individuals to understand themselves and their struggles.


Author(s): James T. Webb, Ph.D.


Many bright idealists find themselves disillusioned in today’s world, and they may experience existential depression as they examine their lives and search for meaningfulness. This book will help such individuals to understand themselves and their struggles. It also includes helpful information and suggestions for actions that disillusioned idealists can use to better manage their feelings and thoughts in ways that will nurture their idealism and provide a sense of satisfaction and contentment.


Upon completing this home study course, you will be able to:


  • Acquire information concerning intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal characteristics of gifted, talented, and creative children and adults that increase the likelihood of thoughtful search for life meaning.
  • Understand the increased likelihood of idealism, metacognition, intensity, and disillusionment among brighter people, including those considered gifted and talented.
  • Understand how such characteristics can prompt enhanced existential awareness and existential depression.
  • Be informed about various psychological theorists that are relevant in areas such as personal constructs, building and maintaining illusions, disillusionment, depression, and hope.
  • Learn about how Dabrowski’s theory of positive disintegration and overexcitabilities relate to existential depression.
  • Understand various ways in which persons try to cope with their existential issues and search for meaning, including behaviors that are healthier and those that are less healthy.
  • Be sensitized to Positive Psychology approaches to self-reflection and behavioral management of one’s self, as well as key aspects of Happiness research.
  • Learn practical ways to enhance self-awareness, establishment of meaningful relationship, and hope.
  • Be aware of ethical issues that might arise during treatment of existential depression and in helping clients search for personal life meaning.


Course fee does not include the book, which is available from Amazon.

CEs: 6
Accredited by: American Psychological Association
Exam details: 9 short answer questions

Searching for Meaning: Idealism, Bright Minds, Disillusionment, and Hope

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    Continuing Education Home Study Courses

    Home Study Courses completed at your own pace wil better prepare you to serve the gifted community. This SENG Home Study Course has been developed from leading resources on aspects of giftedness. 


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    Documentation of CE Credit

    • Successful completion of course is achieved by correctly obtaining 80% or higher on exam.
    • Individuals who score lower than 80% on the first attempt may retake the exam.
    • The documentation of CE Credit will be provided via email. In order to receive credit you must return the completed exam and evaluation form. A printable CE Certificate will be attached to confirmation of passing grade.



    Please note that to protect the integrity of the Home Study exams, SENG does not provide corrected answers for submitted exams.


    NOTE: Each state has different requirements for licensure.  A summary of these requirements can be found in the Handbook of Licensing and Certification Requirements for Psychologists in the United Stated and Canada, which is published by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB).  For more information visit the ASPPB Website. You can also contact your State’s Board of Psychology for information. For information on co-sponsoring CE Workshops in your area, contact the SENG Office at 844-488-SENG (7364).

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