Everyone has their own reason for giving to SENG. Some have benefited from SENG's programs and want to pay-it-forward. Others may want a tax benefit. Still, others want to simply help gifted, talented, and twice-exceptional people shine emotionally and socially.

They're all great reasons, in our book.

Learn what your contribution can do for SENG.

How does your contribution help?



supports outreach, connecting more families across the US

with SENG's resources for social and emotional support.


keeps the cost of SENG support groups to a minimum, which means we can charge less and use a sliding scale for those who cannot afford to participate.


allows SENG to enhance inclusion and diversity by launching new initiatives, such as podcasts, virtual or mini conferences, bilingual programs and materials, and youth forum!


helps us produce the SENGVine newsletter, delivering valuable insight, articles, and resources to more than 22,000 people.


subsidizes SENGinars: online, interactive presentations connecting as many as 15,000 individuals each year to gifted, talented and 2e experts.

And these are just some examples of how a donation can help support SENG's programs for the GT/2E community. 

Hop on over to the James T. Webb Society, the Founder's Circle or Friends of SENG to learn more about planned or annual giving and the impact of different types of gifts.



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