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Healthy Transitions to the New Year

By Vidisha Patel.

Happy New Year! Traditionally, many mark the start of a new year with resolutions for

things we want to do better, how we want to be better and act better. But in reality, we

frequently start off the New Year exhausted.

The shift in schedules from the parties, family gatherings, relaxed sleeping schedules

and vacation from school during the holidays to the “reality” of school can be stressful

and occasionally depressing for gifted students. So this January I invite you to:

  • Jump start your child’s new year with your positive attitude.

  • Ask your children what they are feeling. They may surprise you with their insights.

  • Notice what theysay and how they behave. The difference will enlighten you on where they stand emotionally.

  • Unwind and relax daily, for it will motivate you and your child to accomplish your goals.

  • Acknowledge your child’s strengths and accept their weaknesses. Provide plenty of opportunities for them to succeed.

  • Resolve to listen to what your child is telling you from your heart rather than reacting from your head.

  • You are the ultimate role model for your child. So take time to care for yourself and teach your child to do the same.

Finally, remember that change is challenging, and it may take time for your child readjust back to the daily routine. Look for incremental progress, and be patient with

yourself and your child.

The New Year promises to be a great one as we learn to plan for the future and stay

focused on the present.

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