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SENG 2023: A Year of Growth, Connection, and Impact

SENG had a phenomenal year in 2023! From expanding programs and resources to fostering community and promoting inclusivity, SENG made significant strides in its mission to empower gifted individuals across the lifespan. Let's take a closer look at some of the highlights:

Building Bridges and Belonging:

SENG Community Groups: SENG revamped its flagship SMPG program into SENG Community Groups, creating safe and welcoming spaces for gifted individuals of all ages to connect, share experiences, and build lasting relationships. This new approach recognizes the lifelong needs of gifted individuals and celebrates their unique strengths and challenges.

We understand the evolving needs of our community and continuously work to update our training and resources to stay relevant. Be sure to check our calendar frequently for upcoming SENG Community Group trainings and events. 

Expanding Knowledge and Access:

3 New APA Offerings: In collaboration with the Gifted Development Center, SENG launched three new APA sessions, offering valuable insights and practical strategies on various topics related to giftedness. This collaboration expands access to knowledge and expertise for the SENG community. These three courses included:

  • Dyslexia and the Gifted: A Course for Psychologists

  • New Ways to Identify Twice-Exceptional Learners on the WISC-V

  • What is Giftedness?

Stay tuned for the exciting launch of SENG’s Self-Paced APA program in January 2024! The three courses listed above will be available to purchase to watch at home on your own time, and earn your APA Credits. 

Reuniting and Reaching Out:

In-Person Events Return: After a hiatus due to the pandemic, SENG brought back its popular in-person events, which included the Annual Conference in collaboration with Villanova University in Pennsylvania over the summer as well as the McKinney Regional Conference this past fall. These gatherings provided invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and celebrating the gifted community. Watch our calendar for upcoming regional events and the Annual Conference heading to Berkeley California in the summer 2024!

DEIB Outreach Initiatives: SENG remains committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In 2023, we organized two impactful free outreach events:

  • Virtual Black History Month: This event explored the experiences of gifted individuals from the Black community, fostering understanding and appreciation for their unique contributions.

  • Neurodiversity Awareness Week: This hybrid event (virtual and in-person) raised awareness about neurodiversity and its impact on gifted individuals, promoting inclusivity and acceptance.

Mental Health Awareness:

May Mental Health Outreach Month: SENG partnered with other organizations to bring a variety of free mental health awareness events to the gifted community. This initiative highlighted the importance of mental well-being and encouraged open conversations about mental health challenges.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

NAGC & SENG Partnership Announced: SENG joined forces with the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) to further strengthen their collective efforts in supporting gifted individuals. This partnership signifies a commitment to collaboration and shared resources for the benefit of the gifted community.

Other SENG Partners: We also launched an opportunity for partnerships with SENG this past year. Our SENG partners provide valuable resources to our members and we look forward to continually growing our partnership programs. Stay tuned for exciting adventures with our partners in 2024!

SENG's 2023 achievements demonstrate a clear commitment to its core values: growth, connection, and impact. By expanding programs, fostering inclusivity, and collaborating with key partners, SENG continues to empower gifted individuals to reach their full potential. As we move into 2024, you can expect even more exciting initiatives and advancements!

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